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PhD in Applied Economics at the Technical University of Munich: selections now open!

The selected person will work on a project, of which the Department of Environmental Science and Policy is coordinator, called GreenDriedFruits: the aim is to develop, test and implement new sustainable technologies, which can contribute to increase the resilience and sustainability of durable raw materials supply chains. The project focuses on dried fruits (in particular figs, dates and currants) which represent the main agricultural products in the Mediterranean area, with a primary economic impact both in terms of local production and international trade. In this context, the results of GreenDriedFruits will have a strong practical impact: the project intends to develop, on the basis of scientific evidence, concrete solutions for companies, which can facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable agricultural production without pesticides, as encouraged by the "Farm-to-Fork" strategy of the European Commission.

More details on the profile required, the activities that will be carried out, and information on how to participate in the selection, are available in the related call for applications.

08 February 2022
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