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King’s College and UNIMI; the film is now on line

The relationship between the University of Milan and the king’s College of London continues! On April 2019, the film crew of the King’s College, along with Prof. David Mosey, Director of the Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, came to UNIMI to document the progress of the research that our Centre of Construction Law and Management is carrying out on alliance agreement. The international partnership between the two university is the proof that UNIMI is leader of interdisciplinary initiatives also in the juridical field.



The King’s College of London has acknowledged UNIMI’s leading role in the Italian adaptation of the first alliance agreement model of the world, elaborated by the English colleagues. The model contract allows to create a network to produce added value, in economic and social terms, in the construction sector, both for public and private clients. UNIMI, along with other realities, such as Brasil, Australia, Russia, Bulgaria, is at the centre of an initiative that underlines the importance of the debate on collaborative juridical schemes in public and private contracts.

Among the others, Prof. Marilisa D’Amico, Vice-rector for Legality, Transparency and Equity of Rights, Prof. Antonella Baldi, Vice-rector for Internationalization and Prof. Sara Valaguzza, Director of UNIMI’s Centre of Construction Law and Management participated in the initiative. 

The 3-days of meetings closed with a seminar entitled ‘Alliancing & Collaborative Behaviours’, where the representatives of the King’s College greatly appreciated UNIMI’s work.

The video is available here.

16 July 2019
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